The term Ibero-Caucasian (or Iberian-Caucasian) was proposed by Georgian linguist Arnold Chikobava for the union of the three language families that are specific to the Caucasus area, namely

   Kartvelian languages
   Northwest Caucasian, also called Abkhaz/Adygh or Circassian;
   Northeast Caucasian, now called (Nakh–)Dagestanian.

The Northeast family is assumed to include the Nakh languages (Batsbi, Chechen, and Ingush), which were formerly classified as a separate North-central Caucasian family.

The Ibero-Caucasian group would also include three extinct languages: Hattic, which has been connected by some linguists to the Northwest (Circassian) family, and Hurrian and Urartian, which have been connected to the Northeast (Nakh–Dagestanian) family. See the articles on the two families for more discussion.

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