Hayasa-Azzi were ancient Armenian tribes.

Hittite inscriptions deciphered by E. Forrer testify to the existence of a mountain country, the Hayasa, lying around the Lake of Van. According to P. Kretschmer, Hayasa or Khayasa, identified with Haik, Hayk or Hark, was inhabited before the coming of Armens. The suffix sa of Hayasa corresponds to the stan (habitat) derivative of Hayastan (Armenia). The name of the pre-Armen people may be found in the writings of Greek historians, Choi, Chai or Chaoi, the ch being sounded like the Greek letter Χ. The identity of the names Hayk and Hayasa had been asserted by Karl Rot, long before Kretschmer. As to the form Hayasa-Azzi in the inscriptions, A. Goetze thinks the name Azzi represents the Alzi or Alzini of the Assyrian and Urartean inscriptions.

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