Artak Movsisyan is a senior scientific worker of the institute of oriental study. His expertise are studies in the region of the ancient Armenians, in particular the author of works about the state of Aratta in the Armenian upland.

Publications Edit

  • Aratta: Land of the Sacred Law," Yerevan, 2001.
  • "Early state in Armenia: Aratta "(1992 ),
  • Mithraic (Mehian) Writing in the Kingdom of Van (Biaynili, Urartu, Ararat)," Yerevan, 1998.
  • "The empire of the pious tsars: centenary empire to Tigran velikiy "(1997 ),
  • Sacred Highland: Armenia in the spiritual conception of the Near East," Yerevan, 2000.
  • The "systems of the written language of domashtotskoy Armenia" (2003 ),
  • "Armenian hieroglyphic" (2003 g.)
  • "Armenia in THE III millenium before r. x. (according to written sources)" (2005 g.)
  • The Writing Culture of Pre-Mashtotsian Armenian
  • Armenia in the Spiritual Geography of the Ancient Near East

Websites Edit

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