Aragatsotn (Armenian: Արագածոտն) is one of the provinces (marz) of Armenia. It is in the west of the country, and its capital is Ashtarak. The name means "a foot of Aragats" (the highest mountain of the Republic of Armenia). During the Arsacid Dynasty of the Kingdom of Armenia, the region was part of the Ayrarat province. It was ruled by the Amatuni noble family with its capital at Oshakan.

Aragatsotn's western edge forms part of Armenia's border with Turkey. It also borders the following marzer:

   * Shirak - north
   * Lori - northeast
   * Kotayk - east
   * Armavir - south

Aragatsotn also shares a small border with Yerevan in its southwest between its borders with Kotayk and Armavir.

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